Brake SERVICE & Replacement

Tires are one of the most important components of your car. They are the only thing between you and the road. It is important to check your tire’s condition often to ensure they are in a proper operating condition to get you to where you need to go safely. Here are some things that should be checked often on your tires:
  • Tire inflation – The tire psi should be set at what the manufacturer recommends. This can usually be found on the door placard.
  • Tread depth
  • Tread wear
  • Overall tire condition
Here at Carcraft Auto Repairs, we know tires! We have the knowledge and experience to help your tires get the most life out of them. Our tire services include new tires, tire mounting, tire rotations, tire balance and wheel alignments. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your tires:
  • Tire rotation at least every 5,000 KM
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Check wheel alignment at least once a year
  • Make sure all steering and suspension components are tight and in good working order
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  • When you invest in a set of new tires, one of the experts at Carcraft will mount and balance them. Tire mounting is the process of removing the old tires from your vehicle’s wheels, putting new tires on your vehicle’s wheels, and then bolting the wheels back onto your vehicle. The balancing process can be a bit more complex, but it needs to be done any time your tires are repaired or rotated.



  • Wheel alignment services keep your vehicle moving in a straight direction, by precisely aligning the front and rear wheels. While all wheels on your vehicle should point perfectly forward, over time one or more will lose alignment. This will cause your vehicle to pull in one direction and create premature wear on your tires and suspension. With routine wheel alignment service, such issues can be avoided.